Make these. I mean it!


Today one of my coworkers brought in the scones I had mentioned in a prior post: She made them with lime and coconut, can you imagine?!?!  They were SO GOOD!  Way to go, Debbie!

I have this theory about recipes:  You really only need one good recipe for each different thing.  Sure, you can experiment with other recipes if you like, but when it comes right down to it, you only really need ONE good recipe.  The scone recipe?  Those are the only scones I ever make…

Another tried and true recipe I have is for cinnamon rolls.  They are the only cinnamon rolls I make.  This Friday and Saturday my husband is having “Dude’s Weekend”.  To help the boys out, I made them my most-favorite-ever cinnamon rolls!  These are light and fluffy, not too doughy, and can be frozen and reheated easily.  These cinnamon rolls are the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, which can be found here online here or in her book.


Side note, this is an AWESOME cookbook.  One of my bucket list items is to cook through this book because it is just.  That.  Good.

Since she recipe is given in the link above, I won’t repeat it here.  I’ll just show you the yumminess that was happening in my kitchen this weekend.

dough  In the pan, ready to be rolled out.

rolled out

That’s beautiful, right?


As you can see, this recipe makes 3 dozen rolls.  Which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t because you eat one pan,
give one pan away, and freeze the other pan.  As you can also see, Lionel Riche was on the View, telling me that I’m “once, twice, three times a lady…”  That’s right, Lionel.  That’s right.


 Ahhh, finished product!  Delicious.  Those boys will be HAPPY on Saturday morning.
Wife of the year?  Who me??


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