Haiti (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

The second Caroline Project is right around the corner, with it comes more clarity on some of the details in carrying this out for our family.  The thing we’re doing this month, that will definitely become the norm, is that we have been talking through the organization with Jonah.  We talk about where it is located, the reason it is needed, what it does, etc.  It sounds so obvious, but for some reason these tangible things just recently occurred to us!!  This month we’re focused on an organization in Haiti.  We’ve been able to talk with Jonah about where Haiti is located, what the people are like, what needs exist.  We’ve been praying for them…and it’s just been so amazing.   I’ll write a detailed post on the actual organization next week, but for now, I leave you with the verbiage from Jonah’s prayer the other night:

“Dear Jesus, We pray for the mommies and daddies in Haiti.  Please help them to be able to have good jobs that allow them to buy things they need.  Help them to have houses that are safe for their kids.”

We find that we’re thinking about the organization more throughout the month.  We’re noticing opportunities to get beyond thinking about ourselves and our circumstances.


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