The Jonah Project


Driving home from the movies last night, we were listening to the radio- the radio host was talking about an upcoming event; packaging up food for children who did not have the resources for getting food on their own. From the backseat I hear Jonah’s brain…you know, sometimes you can hear a child’s brain going because they are thinking it and speaking it at the same time. The profound words I hear him say next left me weeping:

“I’m going to save up all my money and use it to by toys for kids who can’t buy their own toys…and I’m going to call it The Jonah Project.”

Now, I do not believe that when it comes right down to it, he IS going to take ALL the money he has and spend it on others. Likely what will happen is that he will spend the bulk on himself, and, because of the prompting of his parents, he might purchase one small thing to give to someone else. But…there is something here…something is happening; in his life, in this family. An awareness of others.

The Jonah Project? Yes. Indeed. The Joel Project and The Anna Project as well. Beautiful.


4 thoughts on “The Jonah Project

  1. Odette Zachrison

    You are a beautiful family on the inside and out! Such a joy for you to capture those moments with Jonah and I wouldn’t doubt he will grow up and give more away than he keeps…after all he is your son!

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