Gilmore Girls and Ice Cream


I had so badly wanted to write this weekend.  I had wanted to tell you all the rest of the stories from the last Caroline Project.  Or about what God has been doing in our lives.  Or about how I’ve had some moments of “Seriously, God?!?  You could have stopped this…”  I have about fifteen posts in my mind and on various scraps of paper.  But..It was a long weekend filled with hard work, new chickens (promptly followed by one lost chicken), girlfriends, garage sale prep…and now…Jonah is sleeping, to awaken to his first day of kindergarten.  And there are so many emotions that coincide with that for all mothers, especially those who don’t know if this is their only child or not…so for now, this is all I could muster to do:  Gilmore Girls and ice cream.  So thanks for reading, even when the words are far from profound…

Gilmore Girls and Ice Cream


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