Eye Doctors and Duck Billed Platypuses.


I have never claimed to be “a blogger”. Sure, I have a blog. But does that make me “a blogger”? Maybe. Maybe what makes you a blogger is that you start thinking in blog entries. If that’s the case, then I guess that’s what I am. About fifteen times a day, I have a series of thoughts that fit together like the words on this page. Never before have I THOUGHT in WRITING. Okay, there was that time, right after I got a Facebook account, that I kept thinking in status updates, but that was different. There are two problems though. The first being that I cannot seem to find the time to get the words down on paper (i.e. the computer). Two, sometimes the thoughts leave my brain as quickly as they came into my brain. In these times, I sit down at the computer and attempt to revisit the brilliant words from the day before and…alas…brilliancy gone. Sad.

This week I’ve thought in writing about so many things. The time Jonah came into our bed in the middle of the night and proceeded to snore and poke me with his elbows the entire time. It was glorious. No, for real. The joy of having him nearby made me weep with gratitude (I get a little delusional at 3am…). I was going to share the story that I saw on the Today Show about a homeless man who returned a backpack with $40,000 in it. Someone in a different state heard about it and decided that the man needed more than a plack for his good deed. This man started an online campaign that raised more than $148,000 for the homeless man; thereby changing the trajectory of his life. Total inspiration. I wanted to share the list I’m working on. It’s a list of what I really want my life to be all about. (I definitely am going to work on the list and post in the future). These are just a few of the wanderings of my mind.

This is the nugget chosen to fill this space today:

To the lovely woman at the eye doctor this morning; I say thank you. I appreciate you. I have needed to get to the eye doctor for the past three months. Appointments have been made, cancelled, and made again. The appointment that stuck happened to be this morning, a day when Jonah didn’t have school. I had no choice but to take him with. Never has the waiting room in the doctor’s office seemed so small…all the chairs squished up next to each other in their little nook. As we sat right next to you, waiting for my eyes to dilate, I know Jonah was talking incessantly about nothing at all. I saw you secretly watching him and smiling while he and I played tic tac toe. The point at which you realized he was a talker, you kindly stopped making eye contact with him (wise choice). When his words per minute passed the 10,000 mark, instead of rolling your eyes, you just shut them, and went to your happy place (I kind of wish I could have come with you!). When he was pretending to be a duck billed platypus…all around the 5 foot square waiting area…ya, he does that. I don’t blame you for practically jumping out of your seat when the Office Manager came and got you…I did the same thing when it was my turn.


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