Stay with the discomfort?


This just sucks.   In the beginning, it sucked every single moment of every single day.  Now, it only really sucks once in a while.  Walking out this journey, wrestling with our reality…it is so very messy.  Every day is uncharted waters…and we have no choice but to swim.

And yet…we know that what we are to do is be here.  We have absolutely no idea what we are supposed to do in the future.  But for now, this place of stillness – where striving has ceased – this place is where we are to reside. We are to stay with the discomfort. 

God is entering into deep places in our lives.  The discomfort is bringing forth things to the surface of our souls that we didn’t even know existed.  The Holy Spirit is skimming them off the top, leaving behind beauty and purity.

I was talking with a friend the other day about obeying God, and I realized something: THIS IS THE MOST OBEDIENT PLACE I HAVE EVER BEENAnd it’s funny because we are so very much standing still.

I wonder, friend, if we all need a little discomfort.  Maybe we are supposed to stop running, stop striving, and stay with the discomfort.  I am finding that is where God can do some of His greatest work…


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