6th Caroline Project: Meals and Cookies


I’ve talked to you about my church before; tons of times. Because it’s just so very much a part of my life. And I (we) have strong opinions on giving financially to our church-basically that if you can (i.e. you have a job that pays you steady income) you should.  And you should do it regularly (i.e. whatever set amount you decide to give, you should give it each and every time you get a paycheck.)  AND, that your LIFESTYLE SHOULD ADJUST SO THAT YOU CAN DO THIS (as opposed to giving adjusting to meet your lifestyle).  I know there are situations where giving is not so cut and dry- but this ‘system’ is what works for us.

This is never something that is legalistic to us – meaning – never do I think God’s love for me is because we give to our church financially.  Additionally, our giving is not something that is done as a result of any warm and fuzzy feelings brought to us by our pastors, the worship team, or what Jonah learned in Sunday School that day.  It’s just more factual than that.  I love my church.  I believe in what my church is doing.  I give to my church.

Anyway…the point is that since we have been able to give, we have always tried to make a point do so regularly.  And then, when additonal opportunities present themselves, we try to give to those opportunities on top of what we give regularly.  Make sense?

We knew that there would be at least one Caroline Project that would be in conjunction with our church.  We knew it was time in November people started talking about the Christmas meals that our church helps to provide for those in our community who find themselves in need.  This started last year and runs with the local food shelf.   This event spoke to our hearts because we wanted to do something right here in our community.  Plus, it gave us the opportunity to support something financially as well as volunteer.

So, along with many people in our church, we bought a couple of meals. And yesterday we made cookies, dozens and dozens dozens of cookies.  And today, hard working, deserving people came and picked up a meal for their family.  This is a church that I want to be a part of…a church made of normal (i.e. totally screwed up) people- who want to give back to their community-without questions or judgments- but with LOVE.


IMG_3984  IMG_3985 IMG_3986 IMG_3990 


Jonah made the Berenstain Bears…we had to keep them because they were too ugly to give away. Also, maybe because he was so proud. But mostly because they were ugly.



Look at all these beautiful boxes. Not yet filled in this photo- just hundreds of empty boxes.


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