On sharing the Pieces.


It’s three o’clock in the morning.  I’m awake because I just had this dream.  The aftermath of which left me knowing that it was intended to be shared.  I was standing on a road, a country road very similar to the one that runs in front of my house.  I was in a line of people, hundreds of people before me and after me.  Each one of us was holding something in our hand, something small.  I couldn’t tell what it was at first.  Each one was less than a foot in length, but they all looked quite different than each other.  It took me a little while to figure out what they were, what it was that I was holding.  And then I knew.  The thing everyone was holding was their story; a small picture describing  the life God had given them to live.  We were in this line because we were bringing our stories to the Lord, desperate for Him to use them for something good.  And then I looked for it- the end of the line,  I could see it in the distance.  Our pieces collectively fit together, in just the right way, a huge puzzle.  Each piece, each story, once given over to Him, could be used to show the most beautiful picture of the Lord.  Looking down at the piece in my hand, I couldn’t make out the picture, because it’s entire purpose was to be placed in it’s spot in the greater picture, shared with everyone.  That’s where it could make sense.

I woke up an hour ago.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  We each have one puzzle piece; the story of our life, that thing that God wants to use to bring Him glory.  It’s when we show each other our pieces, talk about them with each other, that they are used in the manner they were supposed to be used- pointing to Him.  But we look at each others pieces, don’t we?  We compare them to ours, and we decide that ours can’t possibly fit into the puzzle because it’s edges are too jagged.  Or they’re not jagged enough.  Or, we deem the other person’s piece unworthy to fit into the puzzle- Because their piece looks like it certainly won’t fit into the same puzzle that our piece fits into…

Believe me- showing your puzzle piece to the line is the scariest thing in the world. Sharing our stories with each other is vulnerable.  And there is a strong chance that the people around me could mock it.  But it’s not about what the other people in the line have to say…whether they like my piece or don’t like it…whether they love my story or they “don’t get anything out of it.”  This puzzle piece was meant to fill it’s greater purpose- to be part of a greater picture that points the world to Jesus;


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