Like I (Joel) stated in the previous two blogs in this series, I have sung to Jonah at bedtime since day one of his life. I decided that I wanted to share the music that I sing to my son on a regular basis. If you missed the previous two they are linked below.

Music is special, isn’t it? It has a way of sneaking past the walls and barriers we place surrounding our hearts – it creeps into the deeper parts of our souls and does its work there. It seems that melodies and lyrics speak to these lost and forgotten places in a way that nothing else could ever come close. Music has been a big part of our journey over the past four years or so. There have been many songs that have put into words what we have not been able to say ourselves. Singing has been a way for us to express our deep feelings and desires to God about our circumstances – to purely communicate our pain to him when simple words just won’t do. So it is not a big shock that the songs I have sung to Jonah since he was a tiny baby (the “tiny” part lasted about a day) have begun to take on new meaning. They have spoken to me in brand new ways. God does that doesn’t He? He takes something familiar and simple and turns it on its head – blowing our minds.

This particular song is a little more specific in its meaning. It is written by Andrew Peterson. It is written to little boys and to the little boys found deep in each man. It speaks of adventure and triumph but also struggles in life. If you know Jonah this song describes him to the letter. He is your typical live-life-at-full-throttle kind of boy.  It is a great song but I am only going to share parts of it. If you would like to hear the full song I have posted it here. I am going to focus on the pre-chorus, chorus, and one of the bridges as they seem to applicable to most of us. I think it describes what following Jesus is truly like.

The pre-chorus goes like this:

Feel the beat of a distant thunder…It’s the sound of an ancient song…this is the kingdom calling…come now and tread the dawn…

There is a deep sound and rhythm that has been present since the beginning of time. It is the sound of the Trinity calling us back home. As soon as the relationship was broken through original sin – God has been ever calling and pursuing us. This ancient song has to filter through a broken world and broken hearts so it doesn’t always come through crystal clear. But we get glimpses, don’t we? Sometimes it comes in so clearly forcing our eyes wide open and we see the kingdom in its full and intended glory. This of course leaves us wanting more. It is truly what gives us our hope – really one of the only hopes we have – that the kingdom is coming. God is calling us to join him there. It doesn’t start when we die. It starts now. The kingdom comes to earth through our hearts engaged with the Father. When we tread with him we can join in this ancient song – calling others who have strayed too far. It is that sweet melody that brings us home.

Now for the chorus:

Come to the Father, come to the deeper well, drink of its waters. Come and live a tale to tell.

The pages are turning now, this is abundant life. The joy in the journey is enough to make a grown man cry with a little boy heart alive.

This song is calling us to the Father – the deeper well. We can drink all day and not run out of water. His waters are  everlastingly deep and when we fully immerse in him we find a full life. This then becomes our tale to tell. It is truly the only thing we really have; our story to tell. I am understanding that more and more clearly. The gift I have to give the world – really the only one I have to give – is my life, my story, my tale to tell. God is writing the story and it is a real page turner. I am not sure how it is going to turn out. But the story is a full one. It is rich and deep. There is so much there to digest, to take in. I am not sure I am even getting half of what is really there. Oh and there is joy in this story such joy – I don’t mean happiness; happiness is fleeting, but joy, true joy which overflows from my heart. It pours out on those that are hearing and experiencing my story, enriching their own stories as they enrich mine.  

I would love to skip the last part of the chorus but it is no use. This “grown man” has cried, boy have I cried. But most of the tears really aren’t from sorrow but from surrender and peace; from love and joy; from deep in my heart where the little boy lives walled off from all others. You see he is full of wounds – wounds that have not fully healed. He is afraid to come out – afraid to live. Innocence has been lost. His heart is broken all to pieces. But this is not the end of the tale. A great Hero has come – Jesus came to restore ALL things to himself. He came to restore that little boy, to awaken him from his slumber so that he can live again. Allowing this Hero to free him from captivity and allowing Jesus to bind up his broken heart is the only true gift I can give the world – the gift of my presence fully alive, fully restored.

And finally the bridge:

Take a ride on the mighty Lion. Take a hold of his golden mane. This is the love of Jesus. So good but He is not tame.

What would that be like? Riding a lion… Terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I can’t say that following Jesus is not the same. If we take a hold of him he will lead us on quite a journey. Ultimately the journey will be good, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a wild ride. You will have to hang on pretty tight. But you can trust this Lion. He knows exactly where to take you.

Come to the Father. Come to the deeper well. Drink of his waters. Come and live a tale to tell. The pages are turning now. This is abundant life. The joy in the journey is enough to make this grown man cry with a little boy heart alive.

Ever the road goes on and on. Ever the road goes on and on and on…

What kind of tale are you going to live? What is your story to share with the world?




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