Anna and I were having a conversation after my last blog post. She said the following: “I hope someday our blog is more hopeful.” She further said that there is hope in our writting but that the blog is so sad and filled with pain and suffering. She is hoping for time when our wounds are not as fresh, not as raw. I understand where she is coming from. I was thinking about her words later… I tend to think a lot inside my head. This is fine but becomes a problem when it stays there. This blog is helping for the thoughts to come out and be shared.  In fact sometimes thoughts get shared here before they are shared with Anna which is the case now, sorry Honey!

Like I was saying I was thinking about her words and the following thoughts came to mind. I think that why our blog seems to be meaningful to people is because it speaks of pain and suffering; of deep and lasting wounds. I think that we all know that this is the reality we all live most of our days. You see Eden was lost to us. Pain was not supposed to be our reality yet it is the reality we experience. Sin really wrecked things for us. It stripped away our paradise. Robbed our perfect place; for we live far from Eden. We are all experiencing the mess aren’t we? We all have pain and sadness. We have to bare them daily, don’t we? If that is not true for you then I am really glad for you, that is awesome! But somehow I am guessing that you all are agreeing with me. By reading this blog, you are familiar with what Eden the Lights have lost. What Eden have you lost? Have you given it much thought? I am sure you have. It nags us in our free moments and it haunts us in our sleepless nights. 

And we long desperately for it to return to us, don’t we? We long for Eden to be restored. I actually think that is what Anna was talking about. She longs for redemption in our story. We all long for redemption to come. In fact, the Bible says that the earth itself longs for redemption and restoration. For the earth also lost Eden. Anna desires to share with each of you the redemption in our story. Sure there has been some pieces of redemption in our story like our transformation, the Caroline Project, and so on. But the redemption she longs for is bigger and you know what? It is coming. You want to know how I know? Because that is what the Bible is about. From beginning to end it is a story of redemption and full restoration. Sure some day all will be restored and redeemed. Someday I will hold my babies in my arms. Someday I will feel no pain; both physical and emotional.

But that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the redemption we will see here and now on this earth. Jesus is behind the scenes working this mess into something beautiful. Anna and I both sense it, after all this is why our blog is called Our Beautiful Mess. Jesus longs to redeem each of our stories; to weave our torn scraps into a larger tapestry of restored beauty. He is returning Eden to us piece by piece, we just have to look for it. We just have to surrender our scraps, surrender our pain and sadness, surrender our seeping wounds, and trust that He can make them beautiful. I think this is why Jesus kept the wounds from the cross; to show us that He knows our suffered reality but that the pain and sadness is not the end – it is only the beginning. Surrender your loss to him and He will restore it – and it will be glorious! 


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