9th Caroline Project – Andrew Larson – Reign Ministries


At work, I share my desk with college students; lots of college students.  And though I tease them for getting their college-student-germs all over my stuff (which they totally do), I adore them.  And they know it.  Consequently they share themselves with me.  Over the few years that I have been at the institution, I have been privy to these student’s dreams, goals, worries, conflicts, secrets, and truths:  basically, their most honest selves.  I am the luckiest.

Knowing these people has made me hopeful for the future.  I believe in them. Sometimes their generation gets a bad rap.  But I just dig them so much.  I see so much in them.  That they are willing to engage in difficult conversations.  They are willing to question subculture norms.  They are justice driven.  They want meaning.  They care about the suffering people in the world. They are the future of the church and that is both exciting and comforting.

Once such person is Andrew Larson.  This young man does love well.  To know him is to know that he loves people for who they are, right where they are.  He values their cultures, their experiences, and what makes them a whole person.  He is genuine and funny.  When you walk away from talking to Andrew, you say to yourself, “there’s just something special about that guy…”

Andrew graduated college last year and promptly started his time as a staff member at Reign Ministries.  Reign Ministries is an umbrella organization that takes youth on mission trips across the globe.  Reign Ministries has two divisions: Royal Servants, which is a summer missions program, and Kairos, a 10 month discipleship school.  I know many that read this blog have had life changing experiences with Reign.

With Andrew’s personality and sense of wanderlust, it just makes sense that he would dedicate his life to an organization that seeks to give people opportunities to really love others how Jesus did.  To see people.  To engage people.  To honor people. This is love.

Joel and I were happy to give a gift to Andrew and his work at Reign Ministries.  I am thankful Reign Ministries exists and that people like Andrew can travel the globe loving people when we cannot.  Andrew works at Reign Ministries full time.  If you would like to support him financially, please do so here.






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